Pochette surprise - 3 chouchous de couleur unie


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Surprise pouch! To accessorise your summer outfit, choose an assembly of 3 colourful scrunchies. To act against waste, we collect the off-cuts from the production of swimwear to create more than 50 models of original and colourful scrunchies.

Entirely handmade, they are carefully crafted to add a trendy touch to your outfit. Use them as a stylish wrist detail or to style all kinds of hairstyles: loose bun, chignon, braids... let your creativity speak for itself!

You can choose between 4 colour compositions:

   3 solid colours

   3 printed

   2 plain + 1 printed

   1 plain + 2 prints

You will receive a surprise composition of scrunchies depending on the chosen composition.

Conseils d'entretien

Conseils d'entretiens pour préserver votre maillot de bain et ses jolies couleurs :

- Lavage à la main

- Pas de repassage

- Pas de blanchiment

- Pas de séchage en tambour machine

- Pas de nettoyage à sec